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The barrier in front of you is not stronger
than what’s inside of you.

At Life Beyond Barriers, we believe in a world in which innovation in rehabilitative therapies creates opportunities and options for anyone, adults and children, who have sustained a neurological injury.

Life is recovery of mind, body and spirit. We are architects of healing who see a grand design in each person. We know there is unconditional potential in every rehabilitation, every step, every rep, and every patient’s journey to recovery.

Our goal is capability not compromise.

We offer intensive, activity-based neurorehabilitation for brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, developmental delays and neurological/movement disorders. Our focus is on regaining or improving function instead of just learning how to compensate for deficiency. Each person benefits from our individualized and innovative therapy of the mind, body and spirit.

We focus on regaining function and not compensating for injury.
Each person gets a customized plan instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.
Our methods are at the forefront of evidence-based research unlike traditional, rigid and limited approaches.
We treat the whole person instead of a narrow focus on a specific area.

The barriers are many. So too are
the ways we conquer them.

Injuries and patients come in all shapes, sizes and levels of severity. To get the utmost out of rehabilitation, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.

Get better. Live better.

We’re proud to offer a world of recovery beyond injury or condition. Our innovative, neuro-based rehab programs offer personalized plans based on specific goals. Our wellness center is our commitment to getting well, being well and staying well. Together, they’re the pillars of our overall good health philosophy.

Innovative Neurorehabilitation Facilities & Treatments

Fitness Without Barriers Wellness Center

An incredible combination of
tools, techniques and technology.

Activities of Daily Living Center Mindfulness
Adaptive Yoga Class Monthly Wellness Memberships
Aquatic Therapy Neuropsychological Testing
Art Therapy Nutritional Counseling
Artistic Expression Class Occupational Therapy
Bodyweight Support System – Over Treadmill Peer Support Group
Caregiver Support Group Personal Training Sessions – Individual and Group
Ceiling Track Bodyweight Support System – Over Ground Physical Therapy
Cogmed Working Memory Training Psychological Counseling
Electrical Stimulation Reflexology
Healthy Cooking Class Speech and Language Pathology
Hippotherapy Therapeutic Pool with Underwater Treadmill & Video Capabilities
Massage Therapy Whole-Body Vibration
Activities of Daily Living Center Adaptive Yoga Class
Aquatic Therapy Art Therapy
Artistic Expression Class Bodyweight Support System – Over Treadmill
Caregiver Support Group Ceiling Track Bodyweight Support System – Over Ground
Cogmed Working Memory Training Electrical Stimulation
Healthy Cooking Class Hippotherapy
Massage Therapy Mindfulness
Monthly Wellness Memberships Neuropsychological Testing
Nutritional Counseling Occupational Therapy
Peer Support Group Personal Training Sessions – Individual and Group
Physical Therapy Psychological Counseling
Reflexology Speech and Language Pathology
Therapeutic Pool with Underwater Treadmill & Video Capabilities Whole-Body Vibration

Professionally trained. Naturally caring.

Our therapists are highly experienced and skilled Board Certified Neuropsychologists, Neuro Developmental Treatment Technique Certification (NDT) & Locomotor Training Cogmed trained coaches.

  • Sandy Burns
    PT, MSPT Executive Director
  • Rachael Billingsley
    PT, DPT Physical Therapist Clinical Director – Rockford
  • Nicole Sisson
    PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Matt Lausin
    CRT Rehabilitation Trainer
  • Sean Flemming
    PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Andrew Mikkelson
    PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Joey Flater
    L-ATC Athletic Trainer
  • Natalie Roesler
    L-ATC Athletic Trainer
  • Christine Collet
    PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Kyle Medearis
    OT Occupational Therapist
  • April Bluck
    ST Speech Therapist
  • Sean Stacy
    PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Jon Potvin
    PT, DPT Physical Therapist
Neurological & Special Certifications



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